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Green Technology Advisory Committee
Yearly Status Report

Submitted May, 2009
Chairperson –  Ken Fry
Vice Chairperson –  Mark Reme
Secretary –  Dave Menaker
Town Council Liaison – Steve Reed
All Board Liaison – Ken Fry

Current Committee Members:
Bill Masi
Gary Pizzuti
Don Reed
Jake Wig        

The Plumsted Township Green Technology Advisory Committee (GTAC) has wrapped up its first year with a successful New Egypt Day, where committee members handed out 1,200 compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to residents in just three hours.  In addition, committee members were able to educate the residents about the proper disposal of CFL bulbs when they fail (bring them to Home Depot or the Ocean County Recycling Centers in Lakewood or Manahawkin to be recycled), and other energy conserving ideas. 

             Other accomplishments by the committee in the first year include signing the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, registering with the Sierra Club Cool Cities Program, and working toward obtaining Sustainable Jersey certification.  The committee has obtained and installed four occupant sensors that have been installed in the bathrooms of the Municipal Building and.  The committee is working toward acquiring more for use to install throughout the building.  Occupant sensors work like motion sensors, where the lights come on when someone enters a room.  However, unlike motion sensors, occupant sensors can keep the lights on while the room is occupied, even without someone moving around the room.

Some of the other goals of the committee for the next year include obtaining Sustainable Jersey certification.  There are many action items that can be completed to obtain meet the certification criteria, but the committee is looking into focusing on doing the following these: perform complete a municipal energy audit, perform a municipal carbon footprint calculation, pass a water conservation ordinance, and establish a green purchasing policy.

The committee is excited about the opportunities available to helping to move Plumsted Township, and its residents toward a more sustainable future.  If you are interested in working with the committee, or have ideas you’d like to share, contact the current committee chairperson Ken Fry at, or the current committee secretary Dave Menaker at, or attend a meeting.  Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM in the municipal building.

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