Do I need a permit to do that?   YES! 

  • Pools & Spas…………. Zoning w/survey, Revised grading plan showing all pool contours for inground pools.
  • Pool Information - The Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey has amended the regulations concerning Swimming Pools, specifically the definition of a Swimming Pool as it relates to the need for a Construction Permit.
  • The Definition of a Swimming Pool now states "Any Structure Intended for Swimming or Recreational Bathing that can hold Twenty-four (24) inches or more in depth.  This includes Inground, Above Ground, On-ground Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas."
  • This Change Requires that all Swimming Pools that meet the above criteria (this includes the INFLATABLE POOLS that will be removed at the end of the season) obtain Construction Permits and ALL Requirements of the Pool Code (i.e. Fencing, Electric, etc.) must be met.  Check the Code Book for more information about Swimming Pool Regulations.  Any questions, please contact the Construction Department.

Information Regarding Pools: