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There are persistent rumors concerning my full-time employment.   I would like to set the record straight. 

In early 2018, I was underemployed as my previous position had moved out of State.

In an effort to support my family, I applied at various companies and routinely checked various company websites for open positions.  At the end of March, I saw a position posted on the SIGMA website in their Inventory Control area and I applied. 

I had met the owner of SIGMA sometime ago and when he saw my resume and reviewed my experiences he contacted me for an interview.   I met with him and a couple of other executives of the company in early April and was told of a new position they hadn’t advertised for yet, but one that they felt was sorely needed - Inventory Control Manager. 

SIGMA has multiple warehouses throughout the USA and Canada, each with much input into the decisions regarding their territories. This has created a bit of an inventory headache for SIGMA as a whole.   For example, inventory needed in NJ may currently be stocked in CA and the NJ customer can not wait for it to be shipped across the country.   My job is to help get inventory in the correct places before it is needed based on a corporate overview of the situation instead of a local territory view. 

I eventually received a job offer and began working for SIGMA in late May 2018.  During my time at SIGMA, I have saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, many times my salary. 

SIGMA supplies fittings and restraints to water systems and wastewater systems.  These parts are imported from China, India and Mexico. 

The contract for the sewer system being installed in our town requires American made product. As I stated, SIGMA imports these parts, so SIGMA has received no business as a result of my employment with them.  In fact, the owner of the company confirmed to me that he did not know of our local sewer plans until I mentioned it to him in late March 2019 which was after the contract was awarded to the construction company. 

SIGMA does have a small manufacturing division in the USA but the items they make are not used in our sewer system.  

SIGMA has received no business from the New Egypt sewer system.   Any rumor you have heard is just that, a rumor. 

Instead of relying on the Facebook postings of keyboard warriors who do not have the facts and usually have an axe to grind, please come to a public meeting, call me at 758-2241 x 102, email me at jtrotta@plumsted.org and ask your question or request a personal meeting to discuss town issues.  

Jack A. Trotta, Mayor

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