Message from the Mayor

I hope you are all well. Our community is staying strong as I knew it would. I thank all of you for conforming with the Federal / State / County and our local Covid – 19 recommendations. I believe it has kept our community cases and, more importantly, our death rate lower than the other surrounding localities. I want to thank all of you who responded to my suggestion for possibly being able to have a community day in August or September. We will have a day/weekend for “US” – plans are now being formulated.

As we near Memorial Day, I ask that you remember all those, past and present that have served our country by keeping us safe and free. Enjoy the holiday weekend and continue to be safe.

Also remember dad on Father's Day. Just as Mother's Day was, it will be a new experience for all of our community dads. But Enjoy the Day.

The Township operations will gradually open for service. First with our Municipal Building employees in the office each day and later in June with partial opening of the building with special requirements and operating times. I ask for your patience and understanding as we return to what will probably be a “new normal” operating format for all of us.

More than ever Be Well, 

Herb Marinari, Mayor

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