Trash/Bulk/Recycling Services for Residents

Welcome to the PMUA.  To obtain information on the collection services we provide and to sign up for our collection services, please see the links below.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 609-758-2241, Ext. 112.  Our office is located at 121 Evergreen Rd, New Egypt, NJ  08533.


1. Quarterly (three months) Service Charge

The quarterly charge (three months) is $90.00. This includes two (2) 96 gallon containers; one for household waste and one for recyclable materials. The recycling container has a yellow lid or is otherwise marked for recycling.  Waste Management of New Jersey is our service provider. If service is started during a quarter, the charge will be prorated based on the number of weeks remaining in the current quarter. Payment is by check, cash, on line bill payment through your bank or by money order. A credit card option and electronic check payment option thru Point and Pay is also available.

The Point and Pay option is found at There will be a convenience charge for a credit card payment or electronic bill payment in addition to the $90.00. Once you have signed up for our service, it takes approximately one week for service to start.  

2. Collection Schedule

Household Waste is collected once per week based on where you live. The Township is divided into two sections, East or West.

  • If you live on or East of Route 539 (Pinehurst Road) you are in the East section. Trash in the East section is picked up on Thursday.
  • If you live off or West of Route 539 (Pinehurst Road) you are in the West section. Trash in the West section is picked up on Friday.
  • To determine which section you are in for household waste, please use the Street Listing link below for this information. 

Bulk Waste is collected once per month according to the following schedule:

  • If you are in the East section for household waste, your bulk pick up is on Thursday of Week 2.
  • If you are in the West section for household waste,   your bulk pick up is on Friday of Week 3.

Please note: you must go by the week numbers on the service calendar. To view the service calendars please click on the calendar links below. The service calendars are labeled East or West.

Bulk waste includes the following:

  • furniture
  • box springs/mattresses (see section below on MATTRESSES for more information)
  • dry wall and other building material resulting from home remodeling and home repair work performed by the resident or owner but excludes general contractors or commercial builders. The amount of bulk that will be picked up once per month will be an area of 4' by 4' by 8'.  Construction material must be placed in containers each not weighing more than fifty (50) pounds and not exceeding more than 100 pounds per collection. Wood must be cut in sections each less than four (4) feet in length.  Any sharp/exposed nails or screws need to be removed or bent down flat.
  • Large glass - must have "safety break" tape on it
  • Christmas trees will be picked up in January.

NOTE:  Electronic equipment (such as computers, telephones, fax machines), household appliances (such as toasters and microwave ovens) and large appliances (such as washing machines, dryers) are not considered bulky waste.

MATTRESSES & TOILETSBeginning January 1, 2021, it it required that all mattresses/toilets left out for pickup on the bulk service day be wrapped in plastic or placed inside a zippered plastic mattress cover. Queen/King sized mattresses should be folded and tied up in order for it to fit in the truck. This is a looming health and safety issue and necessary to protect the drivers when they are handling the mattress/toilet.  

Recycling All recycling collection occurs every other week on Wednesday based on where you live.

  • If you live on or East of Route 539 (Pinehurst Road) you are in the East (E) section and your recycling collection will correspond to the weeks labeled E on the service calendar.
  • If you live off of or West of Route 539 (Pinehurst Road) you are in the West (W) section and your recycling collection will correspond to the weeks labeled W on the service calendar.
  • For the list of items which are collected please click on the Single Stream Recycling Flyer link below.

3. Holiday Schedule

Waste Management observes the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. These days are highlighted on the service calendar.

If your scheduled pickup falls on or after a holiday, for example, your pickup day will be delayed one day. For this week only, trash and recycling in the East section will be collected on Friday and trash and household bulk waste in the West section will be collected on Saturday.  The following week will resume the normal service days.

4. Contact Information

If you have a service related question, please contact Waste Management at 1-800-633-9096. For billing or for an unresolved service related question with Waste Management, please contact the Plumsted MUA at 609-758-2241, Ext. 112.

Trash/Bulk/Recycle links for more information: