Municipal Utilities Authority

For more information, please contact Peter Ylvisaker, 609-758-2241, ext 132 or by email

The purposes of the Plumsted Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) as established in the creating ordinance were as follows:

  • Provide water supply and distribute water to the inhabitants of Plumsted.
  • The relief of waters in, bordering, or entering Plumsted from pollution or threatening pollution.
  • Provide sewage collection and disposal service within or without Plumsted Township.
  • Provide water supply and distribution outside of Plumsted Township as permitted by Title 40, Chapter 14B.
  • Provide solid waste service and facilities within or without Plumsted Township as permitted by NJSA 13:1E-1 and in conformance with the Solid Waste Management Plan adopted by the Solid Waste Management Districts created therein.
  • Generation, transmission, and sale of hydroelectric power at wholesale.
  • Operation and maintenance of utility systems owned by other governments within Plumsted Township through contracts with those governments.


The goal of the Plumsted Municipal Utilities Authority is to provide, operate and maintain sewerage facilities, water facilities, solid waste management services, hydroelectric power for sale at wholesale, and such other services as may be in the best interests of the citizens of Plumsted Township.  These facilities and services are to be provided in a safe, dependable, and affordable fashion that will protect the public health and environment of all Plumsted Township residents.