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Thank You Volunteers

Is your unique voice being heard? Plumsted Township has several boards/committees that play an important role in shaping our community and offer citizens the opportunity to give back and help move the Township forward.  We encourage volunteers from different backgrounds to help make our town a better place! 

There may be openings or appointments available for the following boards/committees:

Any resident interested on serving as a member on one of the township’s various boards or committees should send an email of interest to the Municipal Clerk

*For interest in the Land Use Board and Municipal Utilities Authority, please forward a cover letter along with resume to the Municipal Clerk.   

While efforts will be made to place residents on requested boards, it may not be possible in all instances due to availability.

At the August 5, 2020 Township Committee meeting, the governing body unanimously adopted a resolution affirming their Civil Rights policy with respect to all officials, employees and volunteers.  Click here: Resolution 2020-255 to view the resolution. 

Click here to view: National Service Recognition Day and National Volunteer Week, April 2022, Proclamation

Thank you for your interest in serving our community -

Plumsted Township

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