Plumsted Youth for Nature and the Environment (PYNE)

Plumsted Youth for Nature and the Environment

PYNE's mission is to inspire children, youth, and young adults to become sustainability leaders in our community.

We will carry out this mission with our members by:

  • providing opportunities to define and implement a variety of environmental projects
  • promoting awareness of environmental issues
  • encouraging exploration, respect and protection of nature
  • building confidence, self-esteem, leadership and life skills

With the support of an extensive mentorship program and peer-to-peer teamwork, our members will be empowered to make decisions and changes that can help create a more sustainable future.


“I pledge to do my part to protect the Earth.  I will make an effort to
educate myself and others about protecting nature and the environment, today,
tomorrow, and in the future.”

For further information, please contact the PYNE president at or visit our Facebook page at PYNEPage.