As many of you may know, the Township’s contract with Constellation New Energy for Round 5 of the highly-successful Plumsted Community Energy Aggregation (PCEA) Program is coming to an end in October 2021.  As a result of a recently-completed competitive bid process conducted in conjunction with Manchester Township, Plumsted recently awarded a new contract for Round 6 of the PCEA Program to Energy Harbor, a supplier licensed by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.  That contract will begin in December 2021.

The Township will be posting details on the new contract in the near future on the Township’s website.  There will also be a mailing sent out to residents in early October 2021.  In the meantime, those of you who are currently participating in Round 5 of the PCEA Program with Constellation New Energy will be automatically transitioned back to JCP&L Power Supply for a short, 2-month interim period, before the new PCEA Round 6 Contract starts in December 2021.  There is nothing that a current resident participating in the PCEA Program needs to do in order to be temporarily transitioned back to JCP&L in October, or to be transitioned to the new supplier, Energy Harbor, in December 2021. 

We understand that some residents have been contacted by other suppliers who are stating that residents need to choose another supplier before the Constellation New Energy contract ends in October 2021.  This is simply not accurate.  As noted above, the Township has already awarded a new contract for Round 6 of the PCEA. While residents are always free to choose any supplier they wish, if you want to continue participation in the Township-Sponsored PCEA Program, there is nothing that you need to do.  You will automatically be transitioned to the new PCEA supplier, Energy Harbor, in December.  

Any questions, please contact the PMUA at 609-758-2241, ext 132.