Construction Official/ Building Subcode/Fire Subcode/Zoning Officer:  
     Glenn Riccardi, Ext.107

His hours:  Tuesday 9-11:30 am and Wednesday 5-7 pm

 Inspections Schedule   
  • Building/Fire - Monday to Thursday 7-9 am or after 4pm                                                                                 
  • Electrical - Tuesday or Thursday 3:30 pm-7 pm
  • Plumbing - Tuesday or Thursday 4 pm-7 pm
  • Rental/Housing/Resale - Saturdays 9 am-12 pm

Please call the Technical Assistant at least 24 hours before a requested inspection at Ext. 105.  Any question or inquiry for the inspectors may be left with the technical assistant.

Building and Housing: Township Ordinance Chapter 6

As per Township Ordinance Chapter 8-6:

  • House numbers must be visible and a minimum of 3” in height.
  • Most work needing permits may be done by the homeowner on their PRIMARY residence only. If you own a rental property needing work that requires permits, you will need to hire a licensed contractor or have your own professional contractor license for each sub-code you are doing work in.
  • Permit (Yellow) placards must be displayed in front window/door of dwelling and remain there until final inspections are approved. Make sure you or your contractor calls for the inspections.

Do I need a permit to do that?   YES!   

  • Roofing  (25% of house allowed w/out permit per year)
  • Siding (25% of house allowed w/out permit per year)
  • Finished Basement or Attic
  • Insulation
  • Radon remediation
  • Lead paint or asbestos removal by a licensed company.
  • Underground Fuel storage tanks (UST) by a DEP Licensed contractor
  • Shed –building-depending on the sq. ft., zoning is always needed.
  • Additions -  *see new building
  • Pools & Spas…………. Zoning w/survey, Revised grading plan showing all pool contours for inground pools.
    • Pool Information - The Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey has amended the regulations concerning Swimming Pools, specifically the definition of a Swimming Pool as it relates to the need for a Construction Permit.
    • The Definition of a Swimming Pool now states "Any Structure Intended for Swimming or Recreational Bathing that can hold Twenty-four (24) inches or more in depth.  This includes In-ground, Above Ground, On-ground Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas."
    • This Change Requires that all Swimming Pools that meet the above criteria (this includes the INFLATABLE POOLS that will be removed at the end of the season) obtain Construction Permits and ALL Requirements of the Pool Code (i.e. Fencing, Electric, etc.) must be met.  Check the Code Book for more information about Swimming Pool Regulations.  Any questions, please contact the Construction Department.
  • New and Replacement; furnaces, space heater/air handler, air conditioning, hot water heaters, generators, electrical services, meter (including power reinstatement), subpanel.
  • Fencing: Zoning Only unless over 7.5 ft. or used as a pool barrier then- must also submit a building application.
  • Fireplaces; wood burning, gas log, inserts, pellet stove
  • Chimney Liner

This is just a brief check list for permits needed. If you are unsure if a permit is needed, please call the construction office.

*Rentals:  Township Ordinance Chapter 11

This office inspects one and two unit rental properties within Plumsted Township. Each property is Registered by the Landlord and inspected every two (2) years unless it is privately owned and lived in by the homeowner. If a property is 3 or more units, the State is required to inspect each unit.

*Abandoned/Foreclosed Properties

As per Plumsted Township Ordinance 2013-13 and 2013-16, Plumsted Township requires that any abandoned and foreclosed property to be registered with the Township yearly. Once the property is listed as such it will remain on the list and the responsible parties need to be updated yearly or when a change occurs such as a transfer of a mortgage company, maintenance company, new owner or status of current owner.

*Smoke certification/Resale Inspection Ordinance 2014-03

For the sale of any single family home or multiple unit home or business, an inspection of the property is conducted by this office.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen Reilly-Privet Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 609.758.2241 Ext. 105
Glenn Riccardi Construction Code Official/Zoning Officer 609.758.2241 Ext. 107
Roger Fort Rental Inspector 609.758.2241 Ext. 106
Kevin Schmalz Plumbing Inspector 609.758.2241 Ext. 105
Alan Wilkins Electrical Inspector 609.758.2241 Ext. 105