Dog Licensing

New Jersey State Statute requires that all dogs be licensed and have a current tag affixed to their collar or harness.  All dogs seven (7) months or older must be licensed.  If this is the first time you are licensing your dog in Plumsted Township, you may call the Municipal Clerk’s Office, stop in to obtain forms for licensing or click here:  Dog License Application.            

All dog licenses expire on January 31st of each year, regardless of when the license was purchased in the previous year.  A late fee of $10.00 will be enforced March 1st.  The license must be issued in the name of an adult member of the household.

In accordance with the State Department of Health, we cannot issue a dog license if the date of their rabies certificate expires before November 1st.  You can attend any rabies clinic in the State of New Jersey but you must purchase their license in Plumsted Township.

If your dog had a license in Plumsted Township in the previous year, you will receive your renewal form in the mail during the first week of January.  Please read the instructions on the back of the form for renewing your dog’s license.  Please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your dog license. 

During the year 2001, the Township Committee passed an Ordinance reducing the local portion of the license fee by 50% for residents who are sixty-two years of age or are totally and permanently disabled as certified by the Social Security Administration or a physician.  Anyone covered by this fee reduction must present a form of identification to validate the entitlement of the fee reduction to the satisfaction of the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

In December 2007, the Township Committee amended the ordinance for the 50% municipal discount to include active Municipal Volunteers appointed by the Township Committee and active First Aid and Fire Company Volunteers verified by a list provided to the Municipal Clerk.

Licensing fees are as follows:    

                                                       SPAYED/NEUTERED                      NON-SPAYED/NON-NEUTERED 

                                                 Fee                 Reduced Fee                      Fee                        Reduced
License Fee:                            $15.55                $  7.77                             $15.55                      $ 7.77
NJ Registration Fee:                   1.00                    1.00                                 1.00                          1.00
NJ Pilot Clinic Fee:                        .20                     .20                                   .20                             .20
NJ Pet Population Control:                                                                              3.00                         3.00_
                                  TOTAL:      $16.75               $ 9.00                             $19.75                      $12.00

Late Fee Enforced March 1st:    $10.00               $10.00                            $10.00                     $10.00

*Click here:  KENNEL APPLICATIONS and visit our township ordinances regarding licensing a kennel at Chapter 4-9 Animal Control:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Municipal Clerk’s office at 609-758-2241, Ext 130 or 131.