Nancy M. Lawrence, Chairman
Beth Kimmick, Vice Chairman
Stephen Grosso, Member
Michael Ruppel, Member
Brian Kubiel, Member
Vacant,  Alternate Member 1
Vacant, Alternate Member 2

Dave Leutwyler, Executive Director
Cyndi MacReynolds, Secretary


Nancy M. Lawrence
Chairman, Plumsted MUA

Mrs. Lawrence is a Compliance Officer for the NJDEP’s Green Acres Program. In her professional role, she reviews plans and permits to verify whether lands encumbered by Green Acres will be impacted by the proposed projects, works with local governments on creating, updating and correcting their recreation and open space inventories as well as oversees the Green Acres Inspection Program. Prior to joining the DEP, Nancy worked in a bioassay lab testing wastewater discharge for compliance with the DEP’s New Jersey Pollution Discharge Elimination System and dredged material for the Army Corp of Engineers to evaluate the environmental acceptability of dredged material proposed for ocean disposal. She was later employed by an environmental firm securing wetland permits through NJDEP’s Division of Land Use Regulation.

A resident of New Egypt since 2002, Nancy and her husband Carl have two kids. Outside of work, Nancy is involved in her home parish as well as her children’s school and school parish.

Mrs. Lawrence graduated from Stockton University with a BS in Environmental Studies.

Beth Kimmick
Vice Chairman, Plumsted MUA


Stephen Grosso
Member, Plumsted MUA


Michael Ruppel
Member, Plumsted MUA


Brian Kubiel
Member, Plumsted MUA


Alternate Member #1, Plumsted MUA


Alternate Member #2, Plumsted MUA