COVID-19 Rumor Control & Disinformation Website

The N.J. Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness has created a Coronavirus/COVID-19 Rumor Control & Disinformation website at the following:

The purpose of this page is to help the public distinguish between facts and rumors/disinformation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This page will be updated as new rumors are vetted by the NJ State Police, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

We are asking that residents utilize this website to avoid fraudulent email, phone calls and text messages asking for money or personal information.   If you are unsure about the validity of a request, please refer to this website or if you are getting unusual requests from your bank/credit card company, please call your bank to verify the request. 

National Level:  visit for a national level website with the information that is constantly being updated.  This website also contains information on rumor control at a national level. 

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